07 February 2011

World is mine/世界は私です(Sekai wa watashidesu)

Femele Version/Miku Version:
It is one of the most famous songs VOCALOID, the first version was it to Hatsune Miku,Vocaloid's after others sang different versions of the same song.

In the version of miku, she wants to be the princess, but it is egooista and makes the kid think she is egocentric, also is very capricious, but she is very falling in love with him prince ... but he always ignored, although in the video(Diferent versions) he also is in love with her.

-First, I changed my hair
Why has not made any comments yet?

-Second from head to toe look at me very well, yeah?

-Thirdly If I say something you should answer
"Beutiful Princess, I follow your orders without hesitation"

She wants to be all things to the boy who is in love, but instead of her show his feelings, he thinks she is egocentric and selfish.


Male Version/KAITO:
In version Kaito is the male version most famous in this the song, that he want to be the prince for the girl he loves, but this ignores him and always ignored, plus every time you want to impress, he always gets everything wrong.

-Number one
Changing subjects
Got a new haircut?
Permiteme caress a little more.

-Number two
A new pose?
Hey, looks great.

-Number three
Your statement is only
Is there more to say, right?


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Miku Version:

KAITO Version:

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