22 August 2011



★Leon & Lola

Release: 3 March 2004
Gender: Leon (Male) and Lola (Female)
Character Item: (Leon) Tulip, (Lola) Frying Pan

Leon and Lola were the first Vocaloid released. It was Lola and Leon's appearance at the NAMM trade show.


Release: 5 November 2004
Gender: Female
Age: -Never given-
Height: -
Voice Base: Haigo Meiko
Illustrator: Shogo Washizu (Wasshi)
Character Item: One Cup Ozeki (Sake)
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She is the first Japanese female Vocaloid. Her voice is noted to be steady, straightforward, and suitable for any musical genre. Her overall tone of voice is more fluid and gives her a large vocal range.


Release: 17 February 2006
Gender: Male
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Base: Fuga Naoto
Illustrator: Takashi Kawasaki
Character Item: Ice cream

Kaito was created as a counterpart of Meiko and developed together. Kaito managed to sell just 500 units deeming him a commercial failure. Kaito's raise to fame was only by fluke, Kaito was a commercial failure and few had any interest in him.



Sweet-Ann's Taiwanese design

Release: 29 June 2007
Gender: Female
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Base: Jody
Illustrator: ???
Character Item: Chicken drumstick

As her name suggests, her voice is meant to sound "sweet" and she has a variety of uses within music. She was the first vocaloid created using Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 upgraded software.

★Hatsune Miku

Name Meaning: Hatsu (first), Ne (sound), Miku (future)
Release: 31 August 2007
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 158 cm
Voice Base: Fujita Saki
Illustrator: KEI
Character Item: Spring Onion
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Before Miku was released, Vocaloid was not much more than an obscure program. Soon after its release, users of Nico Nico Douga started posting videos with songs created by the software. According to Crypton, a popular video with a comically-altered Miku holding a spring/Welsh onion, singing "Levan Polkka". As recognition and popularity grew, Nico Nico Douga became a place for collaborate content creation. Popular original songs written by a user would generate illustrations.
Hatsune Miku performed her first "live" concert like a virtual idol on a projection screen during Animelo Summer Live at the Saitama Super Arena on August 22, 2009.

★Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len

Name Meaning: Kagami (miror), Ne (sound), Rin (right), Len (left)
Release: 27 December 2007
Gender: Rin (Female) and Len (Male)
Age: 14
Height: (Rin) 152 cm, (Len) 156 cm
Voice Base: Shimoda Asami
Illustrator: KEI
Character Item: (Rin) Roadroller and Mikan, (Len) Roadroller and Banana
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Since they are based on the same voice provider, both successfully harmonize with each other and therefore are often used in duets together.

★Kamui Gakupo

Release: 31 July 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: -
Voice Base: Camui Gact
Illustrator: Kentaro Miura
Character item: Eggplant
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★Megurine Luka

Name Meaning: Meguri (round), Ne (sound), Luka (Japanese words of "nagare" (flow) and "ka"(song))
Release: 30 January 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 162 cm
Voice Base: Asakawa Yuu
Illustrator: KEI
Character Item: Frozen Tuna
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Crypton advertised Luka's 3GB vocal database as "Japanese/English bilingual" and chose her name to express its hope that she will transcend borders and cultural barriers. Only a few days after her release, many songs were produced. Many of Luka's songs appeared in the Top 30, making it the song with the highest one-week score.


Release: 25 June 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 162 cm
Voice Base: Nakajime Megumi
Illustrator: Masami Yuuki
Character Item: Carrot

At the time of her release, she had one of the most realistic sounding voicebanks in Vocaloid 2 and sings with a soft clear voice. Amongst the female voicebanks she has one of the biggest ranges and is considered easy to tune. Her pronunciations are of a good quality and she has smooth vowel sounds compared to other Vocaloids within her era. The weakness of her voice is that she is raspy, however, this can be removed if a user does not want her raspiness.
She was also praised by Western "Japanese to English" users as having one of the easiest pronunciations to mimic English, however, like all Japanese Vocaloids she is still limited.


Release: 14 July 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 167 cm
Voice Base: -
Illustrator: ???

Sonika is the third English speaking Vocaloid to use the updated Vocaloid2 software. She has a strong British accent and is better suited for late 20th century pop and sings with a soft and innocent sounding voice. However she has a limited vocal range and heavy editing may be needed. Though marketed to an English speaking audience, Sonika can potentially sing in other languages and her vocal bank is not limited to fixed syllables and phonetics so she is able to produce any consonant and vowel combination imaginable.

★SF-A2 Miki

Release: 4 December 2009
Gender: Female
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Base: Furukawa Miki
Illustrator: Yuusuke Kozaki
Character Item: Cherry
More Profile

SF-A2 Miki is a Japanese Vocaloid. She was created to have a wide range and to sound different greatly when she is in a high voice and in a low voice, some users say her voice is smooth and can be emotional, but her pronunciations are weak and it is difficult to control her pitch without further editing or pitch correct software. Because of this she is often said to be not easy for beginners to use.


Release: 25 August 2010
Gender: Female
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Base: Yuri Masuda
Illustrator: KEI

Lily has a mature sounding female voicebank. She has a husky voice and she can sing in a low or mid voice better than in a high voice. Also she can pronounce clearly, however, she is not good at pronouncing a consonant sound alone.

★Kaai Yuki

Name Meaning: Ai (love), Uki (song)
Release: 4 December 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Height: "As tall as 10 big apples"
Voice Base: -
Illustrator: -
Character Item: Apple

She is meant to be portrayed as an elementary school student, and her voice is taken from recordings of an actual elementary school student. However, the name of the one who offered the voice for Yuki is still unknown. Yuki is designed to sing childrens songs and have an innocent, soft and cute voice. er child-like voice makes her unique amongst the vocaloids and allows for a soft, sweet style of song. Because of this, Yuki can not sing like a professional singer as she is intended to sound like an amateur

★Nekomura Iroha

Release: 22 October 2010
Gender: Female
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Base: Unknown
Illustrator: Okama
Character Item: Undecided

"Iroha" is the old Japanese variant of "ABC". Iroha is one of the "kittyler" characters who love the Sanrio character Hello Kitty. She also joined the "Hello Kitty to Issho!" project in early August, 2010.
Iroha has a deep, strong, and powerful voice which does not give her a "child-like". She is capable of singing fast-paced songs and has clear, strong consonants and good, smooth Japanese pronunciations. With a wide-ranged voice, she can sing in both a high and low tone and has the ability to sing in falsetto.

Source: Vocaloid Wiki, Animonster 141



Anonymous said...

it's really help me tehehehe :'D

Anonymous said...

i never knew there were that many...

Anonymous said...

I love len and rin and i've got a lot in common with them eg:
i love roadrollers
i love banana's
i have blond hair
and my sence of style comes from rin !!

Anonymous said...

I love rin and len in our class my name is rin my crush is len

Rin Kagamine said...

um... hi you love Vocaloid so Do I I love Len and Rin
I Love Roadrollers>.<
I Love Bananes and Orngers
I Have Yellow Heir and its Short like Rins
and I where yellow and like rin outfits and my voice is like Rins and Lens and Neru and Lily but i Love Rin and Len
My Name is Rin but My Nickname is Kaiko Shino love vocaloid love cosplay and talk very cute and mostly quite >.<

Anonymous said...

Who know's SeeU's Charactar Item is?

Anonymous said...

Ummm you forgot IA and Yuzuki Yukari

Anonymous said...

Is there anymore? Like Teto, neru, haku... Like... Well.. Idk how to explain. I just really want to know more about Vocaloid. Sorry if I'm pushing you too much. I know it must be really hard to find all the info on all the Vocaloid characters... BUT PLEASE TELL MEH MORRREEEEE!

Nada said...

You have to click the link bellow at the post. There's a profile about all the Vocaloid 3

IA and Yuzuki Yukari are Vocaloid 3 :D

Nada said...

I see, you have to explore this blog :D
Teto is an UTAUloid, not vocaloid. You can read more about her here
Neru and Haku.. I never write about them, maybe later :D

Anonymous said...

Wow... There's a lot. Are there more to come? :3

Anonymous said...

Well you are still missing some Vocaloid 2's as well as all the vocaloid 3's
for vocaloid 2- Piko, Ryuto, VY2 and VY1 (off the top of my head)

Anonymous said...

;-; what happends to "Yuzuki, Big Al, Piko, Neru, Ryuto, ect." There is a LOT more than what you have.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Even though teto is an UTAUloid wheres: Teto neru haku IA CUL Yuzuki Yukari Piko Ryuto Ritsu ALL OF THEM D:

Nano said...

Just search other posts about them at this blog. I've wrote some of them.

Anonymous said...

There are many that have been missed here. There are also new updates comming

Kaai Yuki said...

You guys described me well........

stoicotaku said...

Isn't LEON and LOLA's release date both the 15th of January 2004, not the 3rd of March?

Anonymous said...

Uhh, i don't think GUMI's official age is 20...

Wilkinson Mardika said...

Can you e-mail me all vocaloid 1 and 2 characters please.

E-mail: w.mardika@rocketmail.com


Espe Sof said...

Im just very sad cuz they dont gonna do more concerts...T.T Vocaloid 3 killed my dreams!! NOW IS TIME TO VOCALOID 3 PAY US! VOCALOID3 MUST DIE >:)

stephen low said...

Favourites have to be rin and len

Anonymous said...

For anyone who wants to know about Yowane Haku and Akita Neru they are fanmade vocaloids Kasane Teto is an UTAU

Anonymous said...

Gakupo is my Vocaloid crush \(^o^)/
Gakupo so sexy...!

Anonymous said...

There's also Luka and Luki

Anonymous said...

Were there more? Or are these the only ones..?

Robert Roman said...

That is really awsome and u sound super cute ^_^ I also like roadrollers bananas oranges and I too adore rins oitfits on an online game I play my charcters name is len kagamine although im transgendered (//_^)

Anonymous said...

There is alot more if u didnt know but not many know much bout them....

Anonymous said...

is there anymore characters or is that al

JapaneseLover123 said...

Wow, I didn't know there were that many vocaloids.

Anonymous said...

My favorites is:

RinKagamine_VoCaLoiD said...

They are more than a thousand , right ? But the most famous is Miku because she's number 1

Isidora Marković said...

I love Rin idk why i just do,i also like Miki because shes cute!I like Miku becouse shes bubloo!I like Kaito because hes funny...But most of all i LOVE Len becouse hes just....perfect <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Vocaloid! Rin and Len are also my favorites. I have almost everything Rin and Len (music, cosplay(Rin only), plushies, ect.).This helped a lot. It really expanded my knowledge on the Vocaloid bunch. Shanks! XD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There aren't 1,000 I'm sure there are less. Also, Miku isn't the first one nor is she number 1 because she was just the first Vocaloid2. Nothing special about her, really...

Alexandria Walker said...

Luka and Kaito are my favourites! I think Kaito is cute despite the public backlash that he has received. D:
Also; What about Ia and Io? Or are they only fan-made?

Anonymous said...

Cat Ears? LOL IDK XD

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are missing quite a few. You're missing Miriam (release date: July 1, 2004), Prima (release date: January 14, 2008), Hiyama Kiyoteru (release date: December 4, 2009), Big Al (release date: December 22, 2009), Miku Append (if you count in appends. release date: April 30, 2010), Tonio (release date: July 14, 2010), VY1 (release date: September 1, 2010), Gachapoid (release date: October 8, 2010), Utatane Piko (December 8, 2010), Kagamine Rin/Len Append (December 27, 2010) and VY2 (April 25, 2011). Please do add them.

Stephen magarnee said...

hey!isn't zimi ...vocaloid ?/

Abby Moyer said...

What is that face at the end, Kakashi?

Anonymous said...

This helped me know about the vocaloids.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are
I have a lot more vocaloid is cooi

Anonymous said...

Well no there not fanmade crypton described them as failed vocaloids but there still in the project diva game

Chau Nguyen said...

I don't see IA, SeeU or Yukari in there :(

Anonymous said...

I wish one of their birthdays were on my birthday December 24th.But my mom's birthday is on Rin and Len's!!

Michelle Testa said...

It helped, but.. Fanmade? Does that mean I can create my own? Or am I just crazy addicted?

Michelle Testa said...

It helped, but.. Fanmade? Does that mean I can create my own? Or am I just crazy addicted? LOL.. I just wanted you guys to reply for me.

Fujiwara Itoe said...

Yeah! Where is IA,and Yukari there!!!

Anonymous said...


Miki said...

you forgot neru

Anonymous said...

Neru is a Fanloid. Not an offical vocaloid.

THEY FORGOT PIKO UTATANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE`S MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi i have just transferred from japan to Ua and belive it or not my cousin made miku and i do her songs!!!!

Anonymous said...


cece k-d said...

Thankss i love Hatsune miku definitely look at her songs ( world is mine... romeo and cinderella..etc)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help! hope they make more vocaloids:)

Barnoful182 said...

Sonika ilustrator is Mario Wibisono

Anonymous said...

They also forgot lapiz lazuli

Anonymous said...

They left out quite a lot of vocaloids.

Also to people that say they left out Teto and Neru, Haku they are utau which is different from vocaloid

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Vocaloid_Wiki heres a wiki if you want to know more :3

Anonymous said...

I love vocaloids!! Gotta say my top 5 are:
2:Len kagamine

Shame theres no info on Kanon...
Kaito was a faluire XD Glad Miku made more get created XD THANKS MIKU SAN

anonyme said...


Anonymous said...

Those saying, "You forgot ___!" and "Where's ___???" There are SOOOO many Vocaloids out there, you sound like you're trying to be a know-it-all or something. I made a list once out of boredom and annoyance with ignorant people who claim to know everything about Vocaloid, and I ended up with a list of 50+ Vocaloids. There are Fanloids, Utauloids, and Utaites as well. Please don't mix them up, and DON'T CLAIM TO KNOW EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

What about Oliver? He's a great Vocaloid!

Anonymous said...

It's not lapis lazuli, it's aoki lapis... right?

Anonymous said...

Wheres Oliver?

Anonymous said...

Miku is still the best!!!

Josie Katt said...

I love Miku, Luka, Gakupo, Rin, Len, Gumi, Sonika and Kaito. There's also some ones that aren't on here Oliver, Piko and Kiyoteru. There's some other ones too but I can't think of them right now, but this was really cool anyways.

MMD Maker said...

Miku is actually 15

Angela Zacarkim said...
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Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't GUMI's age is unknown???

(Ehh... What I read from the wikia)

Anonymous said...

You missed IA, IO, SeeU, USee.

Catherine Crowley said...

sorry this only the most well known vocaloid, this no where near the amount of vocaloids.

Kagamine len said...

Cool I like all of them I even call myself as len he's cute

Anonymous said...

Your missing people! Like... alot. Some that people didnt mention. Vy1, vy2, vy1v4, so... yeah...

Anonymous said...

omg this helped me understand vocaloids so much better:)

Yukio Chan said...

How about SeeU, Usee and Mikuo
You didn't add them and there's way more then that you didn't add piko, Big al, Lola, Solane, Ring, Galaco, Lapis, Mayu, Macne, Zumi, IA, Akikoroid chan, Ritsu, Yuzuki and CUL.

Yukio Chan said...

And SeeU is my favourite vocalist :(
Also Mikuo is Hatsune Miku's handsome older brother and Usee is SeeU's friend

Yukio Chan said...

Oh and SeeU's character item is an off or on button you can see it on her uniform

Yukio Chan said...

Pretty plz add Mikuo I think you'll like him and Usee too 😊

Yukio Chan said...

Also I forgot to tell you that SeeU and Usee are Korean

Unknown said...

My favorite character from vocaloid is kasune teto

Anonymous said...

Haha kakashi.
I am a transgender too.
So i think understand what she/he ment by that kakashi face.

GumiWolf said...

Wow u r missing many voclids like teto!!!!!!!!
Me and my friends r pretending I'm Gumi. Isabella my bff is Luka. Elizabeth my bff is Teto. So u better put teto in ok?! Or u in trouble.....=)

GumiWolf said...

Do it please

Anonymous said...

The I needed Hatsune Miku's pigtail style for my oc.

Anonymous said...

Okay, there are soooooooo many missing. And Teto is not a Vocaloid. And Mikuo isn't either.
Teto is an UTAU and Mikuo is genderbent Miku.

Anonymous said...

People in the comments, please learn some grammar and the English language unless, you know, your first language isn't English, then I understand. I just can't stand some of these comments. -_-

Anonymous said...

I think I am Hatsune Miku.I am an only child and I am VERY GOOD at singing! :)

Anonymous said...

I like Kaito AND I love Miku. I am a very big fan of vocaloid and this really gave me a lot of information about them.