28 January 2012

Project Mirai Trailer

Release: 8th March, Japan
Price: Standard version ¥6,090 。Limited edition ¥7,140
Available at: AmiAmiAmazon.jpPlayAsia

26th January, SEGA released a new trailer for the upcoming 3D games, Project Mirai.
In the trailer, DECO*27′s “Yume Yume” is used as the theme, and will also be the opening song for the game. We also see a preview of gameplay which seems similar to Project DIVA, but with a refreshing new touch. The trailer also shows Miku’s room, where you can interact with her. Miku’s room will likely be customizable in the game.

The trailer also shows us many new songs that will be included in the game. Some of the already well known songs have recieved new arranges or new vocals using the Append versions of the respective Vocaloid. Among some of the songs featured in the trailer are:
。Girl of Evil
Servant of Evil
。LOL - Lots of Laugh
。No Logic Matryoshka
。Sing & Smile

See the official web at http://miku.sega.jp/mirai

Courtesy: Vocaloidism

27 January 2012

Can't I Even Dream? [夢見てもいいじゃないの] - Hatsune Miku

Title: Can't I Even Dream? / 夢見てもいいじゃないの
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Lyrics: Romaji from Vocalochu, English from Youtube


yami kumo ni sagashi teru
tsukanda mono sura te banashite
mimi o kiri saku kaze ni
kogoeru karada wa setsunai dake

koko ni iru no itande iru
umi tsuzukeru kono mune
hashiri dashite tsumazui tara
modore nai wa
koko ni iru no tsure dashite yo
watashi no ōji sama
yume mite mo ii ja nai no

hitomi tsuki sasu ame ni
hohoemu watashi wa kuruu furi o

koko ni iru no afurete iru
umi tsuzukeru kono ai
sakebi dashite todokanu nara
imi ga nai wa
koko ni iru no tsure dashite yo
watashi no ōji sama
yume mite mo ii ja nai no

yume mite mo ii ja nai no


I'm desperately looking for you
I even let go of what I have possessed
Winds blow as if it slashed my ears
My freezing body feels nothing but pain

I'm here, It's really painful
My heart is filled with pains
If I stumble while running,
I can never go back
I'm here, Get me out of here, my prince
Can't I even dream?

In the rain penetrating my eyes
I pretend to be crazy with a smirk

I'm here, It's overflowing
I keep bearing this love
If my screams don't reach you,
It's completely unworthy
I'm here, Get me out of here, my prince
Can't I even dream?

24 January 2012

Google Chrome ad features Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)

The Japanese Google Chrome YouTube account has now posted an ad about Google Chrome featuring the whole social network that revolves around Hatsune Miku and VOCALOID, with livetune’s new song Tell Your World playing in the background. The video features footage starting from the original music creators and then goes through shots of illustrators, 3D modelers and video uploaders.

Music Background: "Tell Your World" - Hatsune Miku

(c) Vocaloidism

14 January 2012

Project Mirai Opening Theme Song

A blog post on the official SEGA website has revealed that DECO*27′s song, Yume Yume. This song will be the opening theme song for the upcoming Nendoroid-themed Nintendo 3DS game Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai. Furthermore, Aku no Meshitsukai (Servant of Evil) will also be added to the official song list. The blog post also showed off new costumes for these two songs as well as a PIANO*GIRL Miku, a LOL Miku, a Matryoshka Miku and a Happy Synthesizer Luka.

Source: Vocaloidism

13 January 2012

SeeU Cosplay - Vocaloid 3

I found some words in the traffic sources> Search Keywords: IA vocaloid 3 cosplay! :D
So, I posted SeeU's photo (I can't got the IA's! >o<). I got it from deviantart. I've write the source, it's Tomia so you may visit her accounts and say, "You're awesome! :la" (haha)
I just pick one. You can see the others at her deviant account at http://tomiaaa.deviantart.com/

The picture's belongs to Tomia.

02 January 2012

CLARA - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Release: December 24, 2011
Illustrator: Raimon Benach
Origin: Spain


Clara and Bruno are aimed at Spanish music professionals and the first Vocaloids aimed at the Spanish culture. They do not incorporate the moe-esque style of the Japanese Vocaloids and their designs are more aimed towards a retrospective European art style.

Clara is a mature female vocal type and the female counterpart to Bruno. As the first Vocaloids capable of Spanish, they have been reported to be overall quite understandable by Spanish fans.

Clara has had a backlash based on her illustration, mainly for lacking an anime-like design or referred to as not having the appearance of a Vocaloid, with some going so far as to label her and Bruno as "ugly"; however, within the Spanish fandom there have been reports of strong defense from fans of the pair and Vocaloid, who have noted just as Japanese Vocaloids represent their culture and English Vocaloids the English culture, likewise Bruno and Clara represent the Spanish culture.

More Profile:
Yuzuki Yukari
Tone Rion
SV01 SeeU
All others


Courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki

BRUNO - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Bruno
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Release: December 24, 2011
Illustrator: Raimon Benach
Origin: Spain


Bruno and Clara are aimed at Spanish music professionals and the first Vocaloids aimed at the Spanish culture. Their designs are aimed more towards a retrospective European art style.

They were finally released on 23th December 2011. However, they were only able to be bought via download and buyers had to use a non-free e-mail account to purchase them. This was to prevent credit card fraud, the problem was not Voctro Labs, but rather the retail seller Share-it's rules for sale. They come without the full editor, but could be bought together or seperately.

Currently, there's a special pack, is composed:
。Voice library Bruno + Clara
。Samples (10 Bruno and 14 Clara)
It cost only 140 €. Every library coast 70 €.

And if you want them individually it would be:
。Voice library Bruno
。Samples (10 Bruno)
And he costs 80 €.

More Profile:
Yuzuki Yukari
Tone Rion
SV01 SeeU
All others


Courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki

When the First Love Ends - Hatsune Miku

Tile: When The First Love Ends / 「初めての恋が終わる時」
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Lyrics: Romaji and English are rewrited from Youtube


Hajimete no KISS wa namida no aji ga shita
maru de DRAMA mitai na koi
mihakaratta you ni hassha no BELL ga natta

tsumettai fuyu no kaze ga hoo wo kasumeru
haita iki da ryoute wo kosutta
machi wa ILLUMINATION mahou wa kaketa mitai
hadaka no gairoju KIRA-KIRA

doushite mo ie nakatta
kono kimochi osaetsuketa
mae kara kimete ita koto da kara
kore de ii no
furimuka nai kara

arigatou sayonara
setsunai kataomoi

ahsi wo tome tara omodashite shimau

arigatou sayonara
nattari shinai kara

sou omotta totan ni fuwari
maiorite kuru yuki
furetaratokete kieta

eki e to tsuduku oodoori
yorisotteru futari tanoshi sou
「hora mite hatsuyuki!」

kimi to anna fuu ni nari takute
hajimette tsukutta
teami no MUFFLER
doushitara watase tandarou
ikuji nashi kowakatta dake

omoide ni naru nara
kono mama de kamawa naitte
sore wa hontou nano?

arigatou sayonara
itsuka konna toki ga kite shimau koto
wakatteta hazu da wa?
nano ni

arigatou sayonara
karada ga furueteru

mousugu ressha ga kuru noni
sore wa ima ni natte
watashi wo kurushimeru

dore hodo negatta darou
kono te wa karappo
nee sayonaratte kouiu koto?

Ika naku cha
sonna no wakatteru
kimi ga yasashii koto mo shitteru

「kono te wo hanashite yo」
deaete yo katta
kimi ga suki

arigatou sayonara
hitokotoga ie nai
ima dake de ii watashi ni yuuki wo
「ano ne」

ii kaketa kuchibiru
kimi to no kyori wa zero
ima dake wa naite ii yo ne
Mou kotoba wa iranai
onegai gyutto shite ite

raihen no imagoro ni wa
donna watashi ga ite
donna kimi ga iru no kana


The first kiss tasted like tears
Like love in dramas
As if it was just waiting for the right time, the depature-bell rang

A chilli winter wind brushes my cheek
With a blown breath I rubbed both hands
The city is lighted by an illumination, as if magically casted
Naked boulevard trees twinkle

I just couldn't say it
My feelings I keep it down
This is what I've been deciding, so
It's all right
I wont look back, so

Thank you, GOOD-BYE
A bittersweetunrequited love

If I'm not stopping now, I might remember our past

Thank you, GOOD-BYE
I wont cry and all, so..

The moment thought that, softly
Snow began to fall flowingly
When I touched it, it dissolved and disappeared

A boulevard that continues to the station
A couple that nestle close. Appear cheerful
"Hei look, it's the first snow of the season!"

I wanted to be like that with you
i made it for the first time
A hand-knitted muffler
What could I have done to hand it to you?
A coward, I was just scared

If it's going to become memories
I can go along with this..?
Is that true?

Someday the time like this will come
I knew that, right?

Thank you, GOOD-BYE?
My body's trembling

When the train is coming in any minute
It's now
Troubling me

"I want us to connect"
How much did I desire that
And my hand is empty
Hey, this is what we call GOOD-BYE?

I have to go
I know that
I know that you're sweet too

"Pleasse let this hand go"
I'm happy that we met
I love you.

Thank you, GOOD-BYE?
I can't say a single word
Just for a moment, give me the courage to speak
"Hey um.."

The lips that were about to speak
The distance to you was 0
Can I cry just for this momnet?
There's no need for words anymore
Please, keep holding me thightly

By this time next year
What sort of me will exist
What sort of you will exist... I wonder

ANIMAX Cosplay Competition

Was held on:
。23rd October at Jakarta (Central Park Mall), Indonesia
。4th November at Medan (Plaza Medan Fair), Indonesia.

The Jury Maria Ong, Pinky Lu Xun (as Miku) and Lily

So cute! It's Rin :)

ANIMAX Cosplay Competition in Medan:

Thanks for the photos courtesy:
Andika Mapparessa's album - facebook
Pink Beloved
Aplaus Life Style

Miku YouTube Channel

Visit Miku YouTube Official Channel!

Crypton Future Media has now opened the official Hatsune Miku channel on YouTube. Along with several playlists pointing to other videos such as promotional videos for KarenT releases and Toyota/Google advertisements. In their press release, Crypton stated that they opened this channel in order to further enhance rapport between creators, fans and listeners after witnessing a phenomenon where fans not only listened to the music, but also took part in creating derivative works themselves in this chain of creation, known as the Hatsune Miku movement. Furthermore, they have received the consent of the approximately 500 VOCALOID creators with the record label KarenT to register their works with YouTube’s content management system so that Crypton can receive a portion of the proceeds from videos which use those works and pass them onto the original creators.

Courtesy: Vocaloidism

01 January 2012

Yuzuki Yukari Design Sketch

Concept Art

Yuzuki Yukari Profile
Her design is based on a rabbit, a play on her name

In preparation for her going on sale on the 22nd, a roughly eight-minute crossfade of several (previously uploaded) Yuzuki Yukari songs have been posted on the Vocalomakets site as well a set of design sketches which include amongst other things a picture of a fluffy bunny tail popping out to match the rest of her bunny-inspired outfit and an armband with “She unites you all with her voice.” written on the inside.

Character designer: Ayakura Juu

Her voice is nice :D I like the song at the 1:15 :)

Courtesy: Vocaloidism

Welcome to the New World! [New Year 2012]

Happy New Year!~ I've done the new theme for this blog.

Sorry for the long time maintenance :) Actually I've made the maintenance page, but the code didn't works! huh... So I just changed the permission. lol

Here I show you the maintenance page:

I can't use it. So, I just post it here. haha, hope I can use it someday..

Well, Happy New Year to everyone!