This page is created for artworks themed Vocaloid(s) made by you. If you want your artworks to be displayed on this page, you can send your artwork's link to us via email: or via Contact Form (click on 'Contact Form' tab in this blog) and send it with subject: ARTWORK.

What kind of artwork can you entry?
  1. Theme: Vocaloid(s)
  2. Digital Paintings and physical media paintings (such as watercolor, oil, etc) are accepted. For physical media (or traditional paintings), make sure that they are clear and scanned (not a cheap photo quality).
  3. Your original artwork that you personally made without the use of trace, stolen, or otherwise illegally used art.
  4. May not be inappropriate, offensive, pornographic, plagiarized, harassing, abusive.
  5. Make sure that your paintings are signed and that your signature/atist mark is visible in the image you entry.

Some rules:
  1. You may enter as many artworks each month as you would like.
  2. ALL entries will be displayed on this website. Each entry becomes public and will not be removed soon. If you don't want your artwork to be shared public, please don't send it to us.
  3. You may upload whatever image size you are comfortable sharing.
  4. Write your real name and country of origin in your entry together with your link.

Thank you and if you have questions, you can send it via email / Contact Form :)