06 June 2013

UTAUloid & Voicebank Download: Utane Uta (Defoko)

Name: Utane Uta (Defoko)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Weight: -
Height: 155 cm
Birthday: 5 February 2008
Release: May 10 2008
Likes: Rice
Hates: Darume Otoshi
Voice Range: E3~G5
Character Item: Rocket Propelled Grenade
Creator: Ameya/Ayame
Voicebank: Download Here (already converted to Romaji)


Uta is packed with UTAU as a default voice bank. She does not come from an organic voice source; that is, her voice is 100% machine synthesized. Her voice bank is from "AquesTalk Female-1," which is distributed free by Aquest Com. Ameya has been granted special permission by the company to feature their software in UTAU.

Because of this, and adding the fact that she only has Japanese phonemes, Uta is not for beginners. Though some have tried to come up with quality output using her, this is no easy task, due to her excessive airiness, or lack of voice clarity. Users can attempt to overcome voice quality issues through tweaking of note flags in UTAU.

Source: Utau Wikikikikikixdlol.deviantart.com


Anonymous said...

would we be allowed to make a update for defoko?

Anonymous said...

the hell??? its a virus???istg