26 July 2013

MEW - Vocaloid Character

Name: Mew (ミウ / Miu)
Gender: Female
Age: -
Height: -
Voice Provider: Miu Sakamoto
Illustrator: Ryuji Otani
Range: G2~G4

"Mew" is a singer library created based on artist Miu Sakamoto's voice.

In Japan, her vocals have been, for the most part, positively received, though few producers are currently using her. She is the second least popular Vocaloid 3 release for 2011. She's also the first YAMAHA Vocaloid to have an official avatar design.

Mew's tattoo shows her name written phonetically (how it's pronounced). The way how is written (with an that features the suprasegmental's long vowel) suggest it was used English phonetic notation, something curious considering Mew is a Japanese voicebank.

About MEW's voice provider, Miu Sakamoto:
Miu and her cat, Savami.

She was born on May 1, 1980. She grew up in Tokyo until she was nine years old her parents decided to move to New York to continue their music careers. In 1997 she sang for Ryuich Sakamoto's "The never ending story". In 2006 she released an album called "Harmonious". She has a contract with Yamaha Music.

The cat on the boxart was modeled after Miu Sakamoto's own cat "Savami".
Miu's Official Blog
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this profile for Mew, I really like it! And I hope that you like her voice too!