27 September 2013

OTHER Vocaloid Characters / Mascots [Do You Know Them?]

Here is some Vocaloids that are not so well-known for people (or perhaps it just me. haha) and probably some of them is just a 'new' vocaloid that I've just heard.
But still, I will submit this post. So, here I represented other Vocaloid Characters from Vocaloid1, Vocaloid2, and Vocaloid3.

Anri Rune
Originally created as a virtual announcer for Fuji TV on October 1, 2012, Anri Rune has since been reinvented as a Vocaloid. She has background information which was given out in her initial incarnation.

Date of Birth: August 6th 1990
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Piano, playing Go
Likes: Napping
Bad At: Japanese
Special Skill: Tongue twisters
Qualifications: 2nd rank kanji test
Strong Point: Smiling
Weak Point: Speaking smoothly; kanji
Passing Time: Walking about Nakano Broadway; basking in the sun

Hiyama Kiyoteru
Hiyama Kiyoteru is the mascot of the Vocaloid2 voicebank of the same name. He is a teacher at an elementary school, the same one that his counterpart Kaai Yuki attends. On the weekends he is in a band called Ice Mountain, details of which are written in a book of the same name.

Also in the book a bio was released;
Age = 22
Height = 5'9" / 179cm
Weight = 130lbs / 59 kg

Kobayashi Matcha
Kobayashi Matcha is one of two mascots for the Vocaloid powered game Project 575. Matcha is described as being a bit of an introvert who is cool, calm and collected. She hides her emotions and is quite blunt as her words are sharp and hurtful. In her spare time she likes making fan magazines.

Kobayashi Matcha
Height = 158 cm
Blood Type = AB
Birthday = September 15th

Masaoka Azuki
Masaoka Azuki is one of two mascots for the game Project 575, a game powered by the Vocaloid engine. Azuki is described as being cheerful and positive unlike Matcha. She's very open towards her feelings and tends to act first and think later.

Masaoka Azuki
Height = 154cm
Blood Type = O
Birthday = June 11th

KYO's details were as followed;
-Blood type A
-Aquarius (Originally given as "Leo")


WIL's details were as followed;
-Blood type A


YUU's details were as followed;
-Blood type B
-Gemini (Was originally given as "Aquarius")


ONA sings in Catalan. She is voiced by the same provider as MAIKA Vocaloid 3.


Prima has no avatar, but does have a woman looking up to the sky on her boxart. She is an opera singer. She is Tonio's partner.

Prima's boxart
Her E-capsule release gave her the following details:
Age = 18
Height = 5'1" / 156cm
Weigh = 92.4lbs / 42kg

Tonio is the mascot of the Vocaloid 2 voicebank of the same name. He is a classical/opera style singer. He has no offical avatar but fans often use his boxart as inspiration. He is a counterpart to Prima.

His e-capsule release has a bio;
Age = 27
Height = 6'0" / 183cm
Weight = 160lbs / 73kg

Tohoku Zunko
Tohoku Zunko is the mascot of the upcoming product of the same name.

Tohoku Zunko

Yan He
Yan He is the second Chinese vocaloid. She is based on a winning entry in the Vocaloid: China second competition.

Yan He

YOHIOloid is the name for the Vocaloid based on YOHIO, a Swedish singer. The creature next to him is named "Cubi" and opens up to act as a music player.


Courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki


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