08 May 2014

MAIKA - Vocaloid 3 Character

Gender:  Female
Age:  19
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Voice provider: -
Illustrator: Noriko Hayashi
Pitch range: E2 ~ D4
Tempo range: 60 ~ 150 BPM


MAIKA is a Spanish VOCALOID developed and distributed by Voctro Labs, S.L., and was released in December 2013 for the VOCALOID3 engine. On September 12, 2013, Voctro Labs revealed that ONA, their "private" VOCALOID, shared the same voice provider as MAIKA.

Maika's Voice
MAIKA has a powerful feminine voice. In the lower registers she has a softer, more airy voice, while in the higher registers she has a more intense timbre. She has an extraordinarily broad pitch range, which switches from a chest voice to a head voice in the highest registers. This makes her voice suited for a large range of musical genres and styles.

While MAIKA is a Spanish voice bank, she includes an extended range of phonemes which allow for great flexibility in pronunciation. You can check out some demos of MAIKA singing in other languages such as: Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, English and Japanese.
Demo Song

Source: Vocaloid Wiki, Voctro Labs

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MisakiPureBlood said...

I fall in love with Maika <3

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