23 August 2015

V4 Flower - Vocaloid Character Profile

Name: V4 Flower
Gender: Female
Range: F#2-F#4
Tempo: 80 - 200 bpm
Illustrator: Miwasiba
Release date: July 16th, 2015
[Download] 10800 yen
[Upgrade] 5400 yen

On 23 April 2015, it was announced that v flower would receive an update for the VOCALOID4 engine.

According to Miwasiba, Flower is female. The reason for the boy-ish design is because 'perfect flowers' have both pistil and stamen and this design is supposedly to be the 'stamen' and the v3 flower design is the 'pistil'.

Tweet source from Miwasiba
Miwasiba also posted Flower's concept art on twitter to clear up her gender drama. Here's the concept art:

V4 Flower is actually an update for Flower from Vocaloid 3. Flower, the mascot character of the software v flower, is a VOCALOID3 library. Her voice was described by HoneyWorks as a "a charming female vocal" with a powerful, androgynous-sounding voice. The vocal allows her to have the reserved female tone needed for slow rock songs yet have the heavy sound needed for faster and more upbeat rock. She has a sad tone of voice in her bass, this is designed to give her the impression of a kuudere in nature. Her treble has a boyish sound to it.

V Flower

V4 Flower's voice

Source: Vocaloid WikiVocaloid Otaku, Twitter

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