20 July 2011

HATSUNE MIKU - Vocaloid Character

Hatsune Miku
Age : 16 years
Height : 158 cm
Weight : 42 kg
Favorite Genre : Pop/Dance
Favorite Tempo Range : 70~150BPM
Best Vocal Range : A3~E5

Miku's voice has been used for songs spanning the oldest of styles up to the newest trends, singing mostly pop music along with a variety of other styles, including being well known for her ability to sing anime songs. She has a very charming voice that can climb easily to very high notes, while still able to sound beautiful at mid-ranges as well. By making use of Crypton's software you can have your very own studio and your own idol to work with - all from the comfort of your home!

Hatsune Miku is a cute and upbeat virtual singer voiced by Saki Fujita.

About Saki Fujita:

Saki Fujita (藤田 咲, Fujita Saki), is a Japanese female voice actress and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2 Hatsune Miku. She was born in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. In 2003 she was awarded in the contest VS Audition 2003 by Pony Canyon which established her career as a voice actress. Since then, she has built her fame in the industry, providing her voice for many animes and computer games. Her soft and clear voice caught the attention of Crypton and they adopted Saki for their second Vocaloid2 product, Miku. Crypton's actions created an instant hit, creating the widely-known Vocaloid trend. Now Miku is widely recognized as the most famous and leading Vocaloid.

Saki once again reprises her role for the Miku append voicebanks. Now, Saki Fujita will take on a new challenge in Vocaloid; providing English-based voice samples as Miku, for the upcoming English voicebank of Hatsune Miku.

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah, look at them LIGHTNING REFLEXES!
less than a year to be the first to respond!

Sky said...

I love Miku!! XD

Anonymous said...

very nice you have my respect

Anonymous said...

she's #1 literally

Anonymous said...

i love all vocaloids!!!!!!!!!!im fan no#

Anonymous said...

miku is awesome and my favorite vocaloid!

Anonymous said...

i luv miku Hatsune she is amazing.........sekai de ichi-ban OHIME-SAMA!!!!!..........world is mine one of my favs!!!!!!!!!!

hammy said...

I love hatsune miku XD

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thats True! Exactly the same as me! :D!!!!

Love Mikuuuu!!! ^.^
she can sing great. 8D

Anonymous said...

Love Miku too!!! 8D
Miku is the best of vocaloid ;DDD

Anonymous said...

She will will be #1 forever to me

Anonymous said...

Luka was intended to be the first vocaloid2, but something went wrong with the schedules or something. It goes to show you. I bet if Luka was the first vocaloid2, everyone would be cheering for her and not Miku.

Think about it. Everyone loves miku because of her popularity and appearance. I bet all of you are going to realize this, and then say, "oh, well, I love miku cause of her voice". But honestly, you just love her because she's the most popular. My favorite personally is Gumi, because of her pretty and realistic voice.

People judging Vocaloids on appearance and popularity. What has this world come to. It's just sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! I love Miku but not as much as the Kagamine twins and I also like Gumi and Luka.

Anonymous said...

honestly I love all vocaloids (japanese at least) and I don't think people like miku for her popularity people like her because of their love for vocaloids

Unknown said...

I love miku . She is so cute.. She sings very good

Guess what Hatsune Miku said...

I said this… I love myself for 5 reasons:
• I am awesome
• I am Miku
• I am famous
• I am a singer
• I have cute eyes, unlike everyone else

Guess what Hatsune Miku said...

P.s. Thanx for all the epic comments!

onigiri chibi said...

In reality am new with this and I like all vocaloids because
* they have talented voice actors
* their fashion is amazing
* they have awesome personalities
but most of all

*they give us inspiration to all of us

i don't want to be dramatic or anything but they do give us inspiration you know

Anonymous said...

How do u know ? U can read people mind ? I love miku cuz her cute voice, problem ?

Anonymous said...

She is so attractive to the ears come to think of it her voice actor Saki Fujita is pretty cute wish I could hug her and her vocaloid Hatsune Miku to receive a kiss on the cheek from the talent herself wouldn't be too bad either =3