02 December 2011

KAMUI GAKUPO - Vocaloid Character

Name: Kamui Gakupo (神威がくぽ)
Gender: Male
Release: July 31, 2008
Optimum range: A1 - C4
Character Item: Eggplant
Voice Provider: Gackt


Gackpoid has one of the most quality voices in the Vocaloid 2 era voicebanks and one of the biggest depth ranges amongst the males. His pronunciations are overall smoother than most other Vocaloids and he was the only Japanese male vocal that could produce a low vocal tone until VY2's release.

His design has had a very mixed reaction from Western fans. When first revealed, some thought he was female due to his long purple hair and effeminate face, others pointed out he was wearing make-up so commented his look gave him a flamboyant appearance. However, praises were given to his design for being more unique to previous vocaloids.

About Gakupo's voice provider, Gackt:

Gackt aka. Gackt Camui is a professional Japanese male singer and the voice provider for the Vocaloid2 Gackpoid. He was born in 1973 in Okinawa, Japan. He is one of the Japanese leading rock music singers and has fans worldwide. Recently, he stretched his activity to the stage and now plays roles such as that of a shogun and samurai. The final design of Gackpoid is heavily influenced by many aspects of Gackt's own personality.


Anonymous said...

yay!!! gakupo daisukiiiii!!! ^.^

Unknown said...

Gakupo! Im Vocaloid's no. 1 fan ♥