14 November 2011

"Thanksgiving Nihon Miku 2012"

。There will be two concerts held on consecutive days at the Tokyo Dome City Hall.
。There will also be an afternoon concert and an evening concert on both days.

The first day (3/8) will be a Miku’s Live Party (MikuPa) 2012 live show, while the second day (3/9) is Miku’s (Thanks)Giving Day. Both afternoon shows open at 13:00 and start at 14:00, while the evening shows open at 18:00 and start at 19:00 Japan time.

Offical video by Sega:

About the Tickets:
。Price: ¥ 6,300 each concert
。Sales Begin: January 28th 2012 (10:00 Japan time)

。There will also be a web raffle to win tickets for free! (November 23rd, 12:00 - December 12th, 21:00)

Courtesy: Vocaloidism

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