09 November 2011

TONE RION - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Tone Rion(兎眠りおん)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Illustration: Akio Watanabe
Developer: MoeJapan
Traits: Maid-like, has a Bunny appearance


Tone Rion(兎眠りおん) is the name of a silhouetted Vocaloid that is seen on an advertisement banner on the Vonama NicoVideo site. The name comes from the Kanji 兎(Usagi or Rabbit) and 眠(Nemuri or Sleep). Her voice has been labelled Loli during the Vocanama.

Demo Song

Latest News
Live & Bars in Akihabara "Dear Stage", suddenly appeared as a mysterious girl in the interview.
"I am, I really want to be idle! Please worked here!"

Look at the picture above. 16 years old, born in 2095! ?
She is good at singing and dancing. She preforms on the "Dear Stage" (ディアステージ) located in future Akihabara set 100 years from the current.

Courtesy: http://tonerion.jp/; Vocaloidism; Vocaloid Wiki

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