03 December 2011

OLIVER - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Oliver
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Voice Provider: Unrevealed
Illustrator: dappleback


Oliver is confirmed to be a young male vocal type vocal with a choir-type singing vocal, though capable of singing other genres. He sings with a British accent.

Unlike Kagamine Len and Ryuto, which are also "young boy" voice types, he was voiced by a provider that actually was the same gender and intended age. Since Oliver's vocal type is "child-like" some listeners have incorrectly labelled his voicebank as sounding "effeminate".

Before his initial reveal, Oliver's first illustration was visually presented as a bird perching on a hat; VocaTone staff made it clear that Oliver was not the bird. The bird is a male American Goldfinch and was present because the artist felt it made the art look a little more balanced and complimented Oliver's, soon to be released, design. It is also a little nod to the fact that a lot of Americans worked on this project.

Demo song:

Other demo:
Scarborough Fair (full)
Dinky Dink + PV
Happy Halloween
Circus Monster


Yudi-chan said...

I love Oliver!!! He is sooooo kawaiiiii!!!

kokacream said...

wuahh.. i know it!

Anonymous said...

Ugh....he's so....cute. <3 ///___////<3
Watch out Len, you have some big competition coming your way!

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3

Kaai Yuki said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Great job Oliver I really love your singing voice! Also, don't forget to hang out with me, It's been like 5 days already! Anyways, bye Oliver, I love you! I-i mean have a nice day ^-^

Anonymous said...

I am seiously in love with Oliver and I'm buying the bundle pack soon! I have Len (ACT2, not his Appends) and I've never used an Engloid before so.... I'm pumped! I love Len, too though! (Slightly more than Oliver)

The Captain said...

The voice of Puppycat! So fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oliver is my favorite! He is so cute and is only 1 year older then me so says the profile thing but yet he is my favorite vocaloid and I love him dearly he is just soo adorable!! <3 (note: I am not a fangirl)

Anonymous said...

I love oliver and yuma oliver slightly more

Anonymous said...

I love you, Oliver!! <3 You're my favorite Vocaloid EVER!!!

I just wish you were not so expensive.. :/

Also, YOU NEED MERCHANDICE!!! I would LOVE to have an Oliver T-shirt or a figurine! :D

Anonymous said...

Oliver's official age 12 not 13!!!

Anonymous said...

Noone seems to get the Literary Reference to "Oliver Twist". I'm just sayin. A Young, British boy, who is all Bandaged and kinda has an orphan look about him. Yep, look it up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well..they were working on Oliver when they noticed he resembled Oliver Twist and it was already to late to go back.
So they left him as it was. xP

Anonymous said...

Not too pee on your parade, but Oliver's official age is 12. :)

Anonymous said...

Oliver is my FAVORITE Vocaloid!

Ik it's been a few years since V3 release, but even after all the Vocaloids that have been released, Ollie has sayed as my Fav. Lui might or might not come in close 2nd, but you go Ollie..! >~</

Anonymous said...

Oliver is my favourite vocaloid <3
He's sweet and dark and I love him for his particular style

Unknown said...

He is so adorable :3

Unknown said...

I wanna hug him. ._.

Burrito said...

My baby olive oil UwU

Anonymous said...

Yay Oliver!!!!