19 February 2012

KAGENE HIMEKA & SATSUKI UTAUloids Voicebank Download

Name: Kagene Himeka
Japanese Name: 影音 ヒメカ
Age: 14
height: 155 cm
Weight: -
Likes: singing, drawing
Items: painting tools
Personality: cheerful, loves to eat something sweet, her dream is being an idol and a mangaka

Name: Kagene Satsuki
Japanese Name: 影音 サツキ
Age: 14
Height: 160 cm
Weight: -
Likes: singing, playing musical instruments, like drums, and piano
Items: drum sticks
Personality: cool, little cheerful, and hentai too, some people says i looks like Len

Voicebank Download
Kagene Satsuki Append Cool
Kagene Himeka Append Calm
Kagene Himeka Satsuki CV
Kagene Himeka & Satsuki act.3
Kagene Himeka Satsuki act.2
Kagene Himeka Satsuki act.1

Magnet Kagene HimekaSatsuki

Courtesy: Kagene Himeka & Satsuki Blogspot

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Anonymous said...

They sound nice ^^ Or atleast i like them :)