22 February 2012

KAITO - Vocaloid Character

Name: Kaito (かいと)
Gender: Male
Release: February 17, 2006
Voice Provider: Naoto Fūga (風雅 なおと)
Illustration: Takashi Kawasaki


Kaito was created as a counterpart of Meiko and developed together. He is the first Japanese male vocal ever released. One of the reasons why his name "KAITO" was selected was that it would be easy for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce, and that it looked fitting to the name "MEIKO" when they were put next to one another.

About Kaito's voice provider, Naoto Fūga:

Naoto Fūga is a Japanese professional male singer. At first he was working as a music teacher after graduating from college, and then made his career as a backing singer and an anime song singer. He also worked as a dubbing voice actor in the animation film Cinderella by Walt Disney.

Read About: "Demos of Kaito Append"

Courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki

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Anonymous said...

were is the age!?

Anonymous said...

Kaito is 20. That's what I read somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was 16 ^.^'

Anonymous said...

Nah 20 and he loves ice cream

Anonymous said...

You guys are all wrong. Kaito has no official age. Same is with Meiko

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My age is 9/3+(1896-894-1000)*(the month of my birthday) good luck

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Your wrong

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I do love ice cream but I’m not 20

Kaito said...

I still have a age