31 March 2012

Deviant: Commission Opened!

Dear devianters,

Good Night~!
I Opened the commission!, especially for Vocaloid 3 Characters and personal UTAU. But if you want to order others, you can ask me :D
Take a look at my Deviantart Gallery at nakanoninaa.deviantart.com

Interest to order some arts?

How to order:
。It starts from 5 points :D
。Don't leave a comment at my profile to order, just send me a note.
。If there are any references, don't forget to give me the links.
。Tell me how you want me to draw it and how much you want to comish me with points, clearly.
。You can comish me after I note you if the art is done. And after you pay it, note me back and tell me what the title do you want. Then I will upload it. (But you can comish earlier, if you want).
。Don't ever complain when I do your order if it takes a lot of time. Just wait. You can ask me how far I've been working on.
。Just comment bellow if there are any questions :)

。And thank you for your order~!


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