20 April 2012

UTAUNE NAMI - VoiceBanks Download

Download Here

Name: Utaune Nami (Utaune; Singing Sound) (Nami; Wave)
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (Offical)
Release: December 24, 2009
Birthday: September 4, 1989
Voice Range: 313.5Hz (D#4)
Character Item: Sketch book and Apple

Likes: Helping people, sweets, cute things, singing, drawing and playing
Dislikes: Being called short and dumb, annoying people, bullying, being compared with others.

Character Design:
Hair color: Almost black
Eye color:brown
Shirt: Light Red with a zipper from neck to waist, sleeveless.
Jacket: White sweater
Pants: Dark Blue denim shorts (not too short)
Feet: White with light red paddings below
Nationality: Malaysian-Japanese

。Whenever people pair her with other male UTAU she will blush, making people think that she is interested in them.
。She likes singing and playing a lot.
。She can't be any taller.
。She has other character item which is an Apple.
。She's not good at lying and is always straight.

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