24 June 2013

Artwork Time: IA


Hi, visitors! It has been a long time since the last time I drawn Vocaoid :) Then I came up with this!, doin' some improvements :) I would be very glad if you give me comments or just fav this art on deviantart. You can visit my page on nakanoninaa.deviantart.com.

I think I'll came next time with Mayu or Lily or Miki, or others. I think I just crazy about drawing Vocaloids, again. :)

And don't forget, you can send your requests or comments about this blog on Contact Me page. I'll reply (if needed) via email. And if you need an immediate reply from me, just give a shout on shoutbox after you send one, so I'll check it soon and can give you a reply, immediately. :)

And just fyi, I don't like someone use my artwork without credits me. So if you don't ask my permission, at least you give credits of me (like a link source or my name). And thanks! :)

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kokacream said...

nice :)
btw, do you remember me? xD

Nada said...

Aaaaah. I think I remember your name; kokacream, but I can't find anything on my memory. Why do I keep forgetting people??? arggh. lol.
haha sorry, this is just my weakness.
You need to help me about this. Are we friends on facebook? maybe I can find something. I'm so soo sorry, seriously. D: