02 June 2013

AVANNA - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Avanna
Age: -
Height: -
Range: D2~G4
Illustrator: EmpathP (Aki Glancy)


Avanna is labelled by those working on her as their best vocaloid they have produced so far, having also a large vocal range. She has a soft higher-pitched vocal then some of their past Zero-G vocaloids and sings with a slight celtic ring to her voice. Her voice is realistic sounding with a natural tone, with less undesirable output results in comparison to past Zero-G vocaloids.
Avanna's voice is clear and she has strong consonants pronounication compared to her vowels.

Her consonants sometimes overpower her vowel sounds. She is also regarded a little difficult to tune at times. She is also not good at holding long drawn out notes.
When using some syllables involving the "oo" [u:] sound, specifically "choo" [tS u:], "shoo" [S u:] or "soo" [s u:], she sings them with a "y". Turning them into "chyoo", "shyoo" and "syoo". In some instances where this happens, the sound [U] can be used instead of [u:], but it doesn't always work.

Her voicebank does not have breath phonemes. They are separate from the voicebank in a downloadable zip file. Therefore, they are unaffected by parameter adjustments and have to be added and edited manually outside of the V3 editor.

Demo Song

Source: Vocaloid Wiki

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Ico said...

Avanna has to be my favorite vocaloid~ I hope I can get her sometime.