09 August 2014

FREE Vocaloid Android App Widget: Tohoku Zunko

Android smartphone widget of Zunko created to supprot companies in the Tohoku region of Japan where the catastrophic earthquake on March 11th hit hardest.

Click for more Information about TOHAKU ZUNKO Vocaloid Character.

For Android users, a widget app featuring her is available. DOWNLOAD this app here via Google Play.

After the installation, place the widget on your home screen and tap it to activate the app. As you can see, stats like experience points and levels will be shown.

What can you do with Zunko's app:
  • Training a chibi Zunko in her archery skills. 
  • Gaining experience points to earn new levels (on a certain level you can unlock wallpapers for your phone).
  • When Zunko grow tired after training, you have the option to replenish her energy by giving her a break and her energy goes back to normal over time.
  • Prepare and give her Zunda Mochi to heal her.

Source: Tabroid.net

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