10 August 2014

RANA: New Vocaloid3 Coming Soon

Name: Rana
Gender: Female
Birthday: 09/09
Age: 0
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 41.5 kg
Range: G#2 - F4
Tempo: 85 - 145
Voice Provider: Kakuma Ai
Illustrator: Shinto Kamichi
Release date: Coming Soon


Distribution seems to be via a magazine released on September that includes other things like an MMD model for her, things to help you make PVs, original songs, and the V3 editor. It’s a bi-weekly magazine that’s aimed to teach people how to use VOCALOID which costs ¥799 for 30 issues (15 weeks of usage, around 3 and half months).

Trivia Info:
  • She has 3 little robots called “Morioshishou”, “Sacchan” and “Researcher Jasmine”
  • She has amps on her head which light up rainbow when she sings
Rana's Official Website

Rana art concept:

Official Rana art (back concept)

Source: Vocaloid Otaku

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