07 January 2015

Galaco NEO [New Update]

In early August 2013, a new update for galaco was shown and a demo song released for galaco's next project. In October 2013, it was confirmed galaco would be due for a spring 2014 release and that there would also be a VOCALOID NEO version.

On July 9, 2014, galaco NEO's new design and release date was revealed. galaco NEO was set to be available to download on her birthday, August 5. The download price will be ¥16,000.

The new version contains two new vocals, "Red" and "Blue", with "Red" being similar to the original vocal. This new version's voice provider is publicly confirmed to be Ko Shibasaki.
galaco RED (solid and clear)
galaco's "RED" vocal is based on her original prize version. It fixes many flaws and general annoyances with the original vocal. It is designed to be a faithful recreation of her provider's voice. It has clearer results and "brighter" characterization than galaco "Blue".
Genre: Electro, Pop, Rock, and Ballads
Tempo: 60 ~ 175BPM
Range: F2 ~ G4 
galaco BLUE (calm and full-bodied)
galaco "BLUE" is a new vocal for galaco with a different tone of voice. It is more of a supporting vocal than "Red", acting more as a back up vocal rather than a main vocal, a moodier version of the galaco vocal, and it has a deeper tone than galaco "Red".
Genre: Electro, Pop, Rock, and Ballads
Tempo: 90 ~ 195BPM
Range: E2 ~ F#4

Try galaco talk Demo ver. here.

The character design has also been updated for the NEO release, with Tomioka Jiro as the new illustrator:

Source: Vocaloid Wiki, VocaloidismOfficial Vocaloid Art

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