06 May 2011

Miku in Toyota Commercial?!

P.S: Actually, This is my friend's post in TinierMeinfernojo (from beginning to end)

My thoughts?

What are your thoughts (yes this is real.....)
also look at the fail on their website at this link


In May 2011, Toyota used Hatsune Miku for two online adverts to promote the 2011 Toyota Corolla. She is also displayed on the official Toyota page. On May 7, USAmazon placed a preview of Supercell's hit song "World is Mine" as a single. When the song finally went on sale, it came 7th in the top 10 World singles list on iTunes in its first week of sales. The entry was presented as "The World is Mine Feat. Hatsune Miku". Crypton had to consider who they were aiming the advertisements of Miku at, mostly at the web base and had to check the differences between the nationalities of Japan and the United States. Since Crypton always sold Miku as a virtual instrument in Japan, they asked their Japanese fanbase if it was acceptable for them to sell her as a virtual singer to the new market audience.

Miku's Los Angeles concert sold out on the 26th of May 2011. Not only was she the first singer to sell out but this was the only time AX, the company in charge of selling her tickets, had ever sold out. This also caused a huge fan out roar on the AX forums, as usually AX tickets did not sell out and because of the numerous spare tickets it had been possible to enter a concert for free if you turned up 10 minutes before the show. Because there were no tickets left, regulars who had expected to be able to get in for free on the day had not expected to be able to not get into the concert at all. Because demand was so high AX are currently looking to book more seats. Previously, only the first floor seats were booked as those were the seats where viewing the Vocaloid concert's hologram-like visual was most optimal. As of now they are trying to ascertain if the balcony seats will suffice and more tickets can be sold.

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Anonymous said...

When i went to the Toyota i did the same thing. How could anyone fail that badly?! just go to google and copy the image... (retards) This is why i hate Toyota.