23 April 2011

How to put Utau in ENGLISH

I've tried and my Utau change into English! How simple. I wrote the procedure bellow.
And don't foget to thank Paige76543 from youtube for the video.


Utau program are in Hiragana/Katakana as you can see menu bar in this picture.

Utau Program

So, change it into English are really helpful for those whose are not using japanese :)


Well, I'll explain as clear as I can about "How to Put Utau in English":

1. First, you must have an Utau program and know where you saved the folder. If you don't have it yet, you can download it here. For Utau download tutorial, click this link.

2. To change it into english, start to download the file on this page. (I don't know exactly what is the file's form, but I know exactly this file is for changing the language into English)
And click the button:

5. Next, after the download process complete, open the file > right click > extract file here.

6. And.. Done. You can open your UTAU program and see if it woks. If it haven't changed yet, make sure again that all files are in the same folder with the UTAU.

Sorry, maybe it can't be a simple post. Just watch the video for simpler procedure :)

Just wait for my next post about how to use Utau :)


Kabloom said...

Wow, thanks for this! It's a big help. :)

Virus said...

I did everything it said and it still didn't work. What did I do wrong?! DX

Opal said...

Only a bit of the Japanese on my UTAU program was put into English. What's going on?

Unknown said...

omg omg omg thankyou so, so much!!!

Serena Kamui said...

I have a Mac and i really don't know what to do, because I dont understand what the hell i'm doing!! I just want to sing in a weird voice. :(

Do you have any idea of how to make the mac version into English? Thanks, ^^

Kankri said...

Everything is just random symbols.

Anonymous said...

When I tried downloading it opened as a media file! Not a zipped file!
Help please...I'm slow orz

Unknown said...

omg its so weird,i downloaded it and suddenly there was lots of romaji voices in my file "such as a kyu i"

Unknown said...

also when i downloaded it in the same file,it didn't work

Sideways said...

F'ing awesome. I was unable to use it before and now I can. Super easy to install, but the link on this page goes to a page that is totally in Japanese. I had to guess which button to press (yes, it's a button, not a link, which makes it all the more suspicious relative to viruses and such)


Anonymous said...

;-; cant read japanese and google translate crashed on me when i tried to translate it and i couldnt figure out what was what so i just deleted it, can someone who figured it out tell me what to do?