14 May 2011

What is Utau and How to Download It

What is UTAU?

UTAU is a voice-synthesis software made for the Windows Operating system. Like Vocaloid, you are in control of a vocalist to sing your songs for you. Though, UTAU doesn't have as many features as Vocaloid; UTAU does give the option to import your own voices or others voices into it, to be used for singing. This will be covered in later tutorials. UTAU is freeware, which means you don't pay for it, or the voices used. Everything is free, so if you paid for anything about UTAU or it's voices, you've been gypt!

UTAU is in no way affiliated with Vocaloid. It's engine was developed by a group of users, and not YAMAHA, or CRYPTON, the creators of Vocaloid.

The creators of UTAU have said all voices can be used in commercial work with no charge. Though, a person can sue if their voice was recorded without permission. So don't record any famous singers voices.

copy by: Luna's post

Other description:
“Utau is a freeware program made by programmers who were fans of Vocaloid. UTAU was modelled after Vocaloid, using a similar interface and function, but has a lower quality output, and the ability to record custom voices for the program” -Krystal

How to Download UTAU?

Visit this link for download Utau. Download installer v0.2.76

Finishing the Utau download process doesn't mean you can use it now. You must record your voice and make Voice Bank (VB). But if you won't, you can download it. This is one site where you can download a VB. You can save some VB, not just one. After finishing download process, you can start to use Utau. But your Utau program will in Hiragana/Japan language or even can't read. Like menu bar in this picture:

Don't worry, You can change it to English. For further tutorial (to change it to English), you can click this link.


Anonymous said...

But, if you change it to english, the Japanese voicebanks don't work?

Nada said...
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Nada said...

No. If you change it to English, you will just change the language of the program. Like the apperance of the menu bar, or other things. and that's all doesnt give an effects to your Utauloid type, whether it's in English or Japan.

Anonymous said...

Does Miku Hatsune voicebanks work on Utau? I severly doubt it though.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how do you import your UTAUloid character designs by scanning?. And when we record our voice go the VB, would a normal mocrophone do for the task? .-.


Anonymous said...

*for the Voice Bank

zariaparham111@gmail.com said...

What type of musical equipment I do need to make a vocaloid?

Anonymous said...

BS, Utau is WAY better. It's handled better, more flexible, if advanced enough you can actually make it sound like someone is singing, it's easier to handle,and it costs less.

Anonymous said...

Vocaloid has a clearer sound, but UTAU is free so you don't have to pay hundreds of US dollars. But in every aspect, Vocaloid is better by a long shot.

Unknown said...

when i finished downloading it, it gave me this message which i believe is about the UTAU program. it's all in Japanese, and i don't know how can i translate it. I still haven't opened the program yet. Can you help me?

Unknown said...

Anywhere I can download the files already unpacked? It sounds dumb but my PC is from another time and I compatible with wireless internet without an Ethernet cable and I dont even have internet atm, I'm using data on my phone, this why I want it all unpacked considering the installer will probably require internet like the other millions of installers on games and applications.