01 June 2011

About Len (by TkieSai,TinierMe)

============Okay, about me, Len: =============

Name: Len Kagamine
Age: 14
Gender: Male(duh)
ID number: 02
Item: bananas
Sibling: Rin Kagamine (just keep reading)
Color: Yellow
Likes: Bananas(of course) My road roller, nice people
Dislikes: Being called shota(I AM A MAN!), anyone who is mean to Rin
Personality: Nice, kind hearted, clueless at times, a little mischevious at times as well
Crush: I bet you would like to know>w>

===========Questions and Answers=============

Q: Aren't you a reflection of Rin?
A: Well originally we were ment to be twins but since...certen things are frowned upon in most socitetys(thanks to some songs we sing) They made me Rin's reflection.

Q: So are you two twins or not?
A: Tecnically...yes we are twins

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lol for this~ XP

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