11 June 2011

SUZUNE RING / HIBIKI LUI - Vocaloid 3 Character

They are two Vocaloid released on 2011. They were produced by Yamaha Corporation. The two designs were choosed by "Everyone's Vocaloid Project"(みんなのボカロ計画 Min-na no Vocalo Keikaku) contest that have a thousand people who joined. Their design were announced at Vocaloid Fiesta 02.


VFS-01/R Suzune Ring (リング・スズネ)

Suzune Ring's original artwork
Nick Name: Ring (リング Ringu)
Original Name: "Ring Suzunone" (鈴音リング Susunone Ringu; "Bell Sound Ring")
Developer: Yamaha Corporation
Series: Vocaloid 3
Release: Fall/Winter 2011
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height/ Weight: 160 cm / 44 kg
Voice Base: MiKA (Daisy x Daisy band)
Designer: Muraichi (VocaFes winner)
Describe: "Light-hearted, doesn’t have high aspirations, but she’s hard-working."
Other: In the original artwork, she had rings all over her body.


VFS-01/L Hibiki Lui (ヒビキ・ルイ)
Hibiki Lui's original artwork

Nick Name: Lui (ルイ Rui)
Developer: Yamaha Corporation
Series: Vocaloid 3
Release: Winter/ Spring 2012
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height / Weight: 155 cm / 43 kg
Voice Base: - (will be announced in summer)
Designer: Yuukari (VocaFes winner)
Describe: "Easily mistaken for a girl because of his graceful manners.." [Heh?! Now I curious what kind of his voice XD. I think I will like it ...]
Other: His arms and legs are very bright.
Info: Currently voice providers both male and female are being interviewed for a suitable voice.

code name:
*VFS: VocaFes
*L/R: Left/Right

Hibiki Lui and Suzuna Ring

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Anonymous said...


Blog de la Licorne. said...

This new VOCALOID-ds are amazing !! ~^^~

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you new VOCALOIDs! :D

Shay said...

Two fav from Vocaloid 3. <3 Ring and Lui!

Anonymous said...

i heard about these new vocaloids from my friend and decided to look at them my goodness i thought she was lying

Rin_LenAppendNek0 said...

that hibiki lui looks like len...
but...len ish cuter...
ok...lui ish cute too...:D

Anonymous said...

Awww! They look cute! Hi there Ring and Lui! Nice to meet you! Looking forward to your songs desu yo. But I still love Len and Rin the best! :3

Anonymous said...

I could so do Lui's voice!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

OMG I loved there old designs why did they change them, lui looked soo cute until they change it,but there has been over two year and lui still does not have a voice,I got told it was because the company did not have alot of money so they could not pay for the voice provider but I hope soon they get released!!