04 June 2011

How To Create an UTAU Voice Bank (Recording)

I was looking at my blogs stats and I found a keywords that some people searched my blog with it. Titled: 'How to put your voice in vocaloid'. You cannot put your voice into it! -___-" Are they understand about Utau?

You cannot put your voice into vocaloid. But you can do it with Utau. Why that two sentences are different? Because Vocaloid and Utau are different! UTAU is in no way affiliated with Vocaloid. It's engine was developed by a group of users, and not YAMAHA, or CRYPTON, the creators of Vocaloid. For further explanation just click at this link and read just 'What is Utau?' part.

To put your voice into Utau, you must make a voice bank first. Voice bank are some sample of your voice which will be used at Utau.

Here's the tutorial how to create an Voice Bank I've found. Not really detailed. But maybe it can helps:

First, you must record your voice. When it comes to recording I always suggest making each sample 2 seconds long and using the program you are using to record (Audacity for me) to fade out a little bit of the end.
If you are looking for a relist (a list of things to record) I just searched hiragana on Wikipedia and recorded according to that.
You want to save all of your samples in the same folder, just remember that.

When importing your samples in to UTAU, click T then O then the second tab in the pop-up menu.
You will see a large box then two smaller input boxes below it.
The bottom-most input box has a button to it's right, click it.
Find the folder that your UTAU samples are in then click on one of your samples then open.
In the input box above the one you just used, is where you put the name of your UTAUloid then click the left most button on the right of the box.
The right most button is the delete button.
Click OK when your are done with this.

Now you have to make the .frq files.
Click T then S (or ctl + G) and a pop-up menu will open with all of your samples listed.
You will have to click sample individually then click the second button to the right.
Click okay on the pop-up then wait.
When you are done waiting, a little circle will appear on the right most part of the large box under frq.
You will have to do this for each sample you recorded.
Once all of the samples have circles, click okay at the bottom of the box.

You can start using your UTAUloid after that.

-Thanks for Mikau for this tuto (-__-  )


Anonymous said...

Thanks, its useful! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Loki Grants said...

Does the voicebank has to be made with the person speaking the syllable or is it made by the person singing a certain note? can you be a little more specific at that?

Naa~ Smile said...

We don't record a certain notes. We can set the notes at Utau program, that the fungtion of it. It just needs some samples of our voice like 'a', 'ba', and other to be edited :)

Loki Grants said...

Ty Naa, I'll try like that. Great then, makes it lots easier. I saw a tuto asking to sing a note, then one scale higher and one lower. It would make so much work on that. How about the time? For 'A' for example? Should I just say it or should I take a while doing it?

Naa~ Smile said...

It has mention before :D
About 2 seconds long

Anonymous said...

hey! :) so um what voice bank is there?? i do not have one....is it provided or do you half to download it?? or is there a certian one? :)

Nano said...

You can make it by record your self. But you can also download someone VB.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really need help!
When I downloaded UTAU the first time, it opened but was in weird symbols and very little Japanese! Also, it kept on saying 'Bad File Name or Number' and wouldn't let me record! Then, to know what the hell it was telling, I downloaded the English translation pack but all the same crap happens except it is in English!
Please help me! TT^TT

Nano said...

Hm, have you check if the english files downloaded are in the same folder?

Kerby Mangune said...

What will you search in Wikipediabwhen you want a Korean Voice Bank for your Utauloid?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have the same problem. Your computer locale isn't set to japanese. The English patch won't work if you dont have your locale set. So uninstall UTAU, then set your locale to japanese (search how to change your locale on google) then reinstall UTAU and your voicebanks that you had before, (if you don't do this, your UTAU program will become corrupted) and your UTAU will be in Japanese. Then re-do the steps for the English translation, and you'll be good to go!

Anonymous said...

What about all the oto.ini work I heard of ~.~

Aisha Ajiwibowo said...

If your in 2015 does that mean you have to install the latest version and the latest vesion is different from the toturial above? If its different can you show me how to record the UTAU?