05 July 2011

Demos of Kaito Append

Append - The future of Kaito

The Future of Kaito Crypton announced on twitter that they are developing a new production of Kaito named “Kaito Append”. Recording of Naoto Fuuga’s voice started on December 9, 2010. Several voicebanks of different expressions like the Appends have been produced for the product. There are four appends empirically under development; temporarily “Mellow”, “Sweet”, “Solid” and “Power”.

However, they have since reconsidered this due to the fan outcry. On February 17th, 2011, Crypton released a temporary silhouette of Kaito’s Append. They said that it has not been decided whether he will have a transparent muffler or not.

There is a Piapro demo song contest for Len's Power Append. The prize is a package present of information on KAITO Append dates and when it is commercialized.

Crypton also finished recording Kaito's vocals after work was previously suspended for an interval. Crypton were in discussion with Fuuga, Kaito's provider on the image and vocal outputs. A classic Kaito Vocaloid style recording had also completed recording, one which will sound close to the vocal tone of the original voicebank that users were familiar with.

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I found the Demos of Kaito Append in youtube. Go listen for him! It's a great voice http://www.emocutez.com

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