11 April 2011

Theme Poll~

I think we've already known what is the blog's theme that visitors liked the most (look at the poll box). There's 40 visitors who vote and 57% choose Kagamine for the theme (as today) and there's 8 days left to vote. That means I must change this blog's theme. But---guess what? There's 2 weeks left to prepare myself to get final exam! I was seting the date as long as it can takes (Random!). So, I just want to inform, that I will increase the number of days. Yah, maybe this is not an important thing. But fairly important for me. ::Blahblah:: Another reason why I posting this post are 'to fills my post entries' (lol), seriously. It takes many days I've not written any single post. And maybe it will takes more days.

Sorry for my random English~

Naa~ (Admin)

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