04 September 2011

SV01 SEEU - Korean Voicebank, Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: SV01 SeeU [シユ] (See you)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 159cm
Weight: 44.5kg
Genre: Korean Pop, Pop Ballad
Range: C3~C5
Tempo: 60~170BPM
Illustrator: KKUEM
Voice Provider: Kim Tahi (17 year old) from "Glam" K-pop girl band.

SeeU (시유) is an up coming voicebank for Vocaloid3 and the first Vocaloid capable of Korean and the first "Japanese/Korean bilingual" Vocaloid. She is the second bilingual Vocaloid to be produced after Luka. Her release is set for the Autumn 2011.

- Her catears/nekomimi are speakers.
- Her neckband is a CD player.
- The button at the ribbon on her neckband is a turn-off button.
- The blue buttons on her jacket are electrical switches.
- There's a pause button at the back of her clothes
- The ornamental panels on her shoes can light up and display soundwaves.

Demo Song of SeeU "I = fantasy"

SeeU Events Image
EVENT 1 – Write for us! Leave a congratulating comment!
Leave a congratulating comment on SeeU’s design post in the Daum Cafe Vocaloid Republic site. We’ll pick 30 people who will receive the prize of a bromide poster of SeeU with KKUEM’s signature on it.

EVENT 2 – Draw for us! Making a music video together!
Upload your illustration of SeeU on the Daum Cafe Vocaloid Republic site to be included in Seeu’s sample music video with you credited on it.

Topic: Anything related to SeeU.
Date: Open until September 14th, 2011 at 10am (Korean time).
Size:Any (It is recommended to be at least 1920 pixel to work correctly on a HDPV).
File Type: Upload as jpeg. If your work is picked you will be asked to send a psd file as well.
How We Will Pick: 50% from us + 50% from people’s votes.
Will be Announced on: September 16th, 2011 on the SBS Artech Vocaloid official site, and Daum Cafe.

1st Place(x1): WACOM Intuos PTK-640 and limited SeeU voicebank
2nd Place(x1): Limited VOCALOID3 starter pack (Vocaloid editor and SeeU voicebank)
3rd Place(x2): Limited SeeU voicebank
Honorees(x10): Illustration book with many famous artists’ works.

- For winners of the events, we will contact them separately for personnel information (shipping address, etc).
- After winner is announced and we don’t get their info in one week, they may lose their position.
- The prizes may change.
- If someone used another person’s illustration, we will not be held liable.
- The illustrations will be copyrighted to SBS Artech.

Her official site is open, as well as the official Korean Vocaloid café, “Daum Café, Republic of Vocaloid” (currently only Korean residents can register on this site). SBS Artech has also set up a Twitter account for their Vocaloid. Please note that all these sites are in Korean.

Source: Vocaloidsm, Vocaloid Wiki


Anonymous said...

Cool!Congrats SeeU

Anonymous said...

Awww ! SeeU is so cute and her songs are so cool ; so beautiful ! She's the best vocaloid ! Oh ! And can you write an article for Usee ? Usee is the male version of SeeU . Thanks ! ^-^