01 September 2011

MEGURINE LUKA - Vocaloid Character

Megurine Luka
Age : 20 years
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Favorite Genre : Latin-jazz-pop, house-dance electronica
Favorite Tempo Range : 65~145BPM
Best Vocal Range : D3~D5

Luka was the first in the series to be designed to sing in both Japanese and English, using two separate voice databases - she was the first bilingual virtual singer. In the past, creating songs with English lyrics had always been somewhat awkward, but Luka is able to sing both in Japanese, English or a mix of the two - a worldwide virtual singer. She was designed to have a moody, husky kind of voice that could sing from the middle to high notes easily, which gave her the perfect vocals for house, trance and electronic music. Her voice is slightly more mature than the previous girls, which makes her excel at jazz and blues songs as well.

The virtual singer Megurine Luka is voiced by Yuu Asakawa who gives her a cool, yet strangely mysterious voice for all to enjoy.

About Yuu Asakawa:

Yū Asakawa (浅川 悠) is a Japanese female voice actress. She was born in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan. The Luka project started in the early of 2007, preceding Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin/Len projects. Crypton had the idea of releasing Luka as their first Vocaloid2 product, but the schedules of Yu and the company did not meet one another, so Luka was distributed as the third Vocaloid of Crypton following Miku and Rin/Len.

Yuu can speak competent English, which is the reason why Crypton used her voice for Luka.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Luka is the best ●3●

Anonymous said...

weird yet addicting

Anonymous said...

OSM i wish luka can go with Gakupo ^w^

Anonymous said...

search "Witch Hunt Luka and Gakupo" on youtube. (They sound awesome together >w<)

Anonymous said...

Luka was going to be before Miku and Rin and Len? I bet if she was she would be most popular instead of miku cause no offense but miku isn't very good...

Anonymous said...

they forgot to say but luka likes fish :3

Unknown said...

Luka And Gakupo Forever !!! And She Was Going To Be Made Before Miku Rin And Len But Her Voice Actor Was To Busy :(

Anonymous said...

Any one notice that her BMI is 17.5 so she is actually underweight. She needs to eat that tuna.

Anonymous said...

Luka est la meilleure pour moi je la préfère à miku

Kaga-chan said...


Anonymous said...

No offense to all other vocaloids but...... LUKA IS THE MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL VOCALOID OUT OF ALL OF THEM!!!!
I don't know how to speak Spanish so I'm not going to do that version of the sentence.

P.S. No offense to miku but you should compare your songs to Luka's songs.