26 September 2011


These are 4 new vocals for her Vocaloid 3 release; Power, Whisper, Adult, Sweet.

The voicebanks in are sold indidividually or as a pack. Unlike the Appends of Crypton's CV series, this means you are not forced to purchase voicebanks you do not wish, and can aquire them all or only the ones you wish. This also means you do not have to pay a large sum of money for them all in one hit. However, it is cheaper to buy them in one pack if buyers wish to own all voicebanks. They will also be sold with or without the Vocaloid 3 software.

courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki


Click and listen to the voices!
Demo song previews:

GUMI Power – buzzG

GUMI Adult – Reruriri

GUMI Sweet – maya

GUMI Whisper – Noboru Murakami

Have you listen to it? I like the Gumi Power one xD sounds so sweet ..
Listen more at Vocaloidsm.


Original illustrations and the boxarts:

GUMI Adult

GUMI Power

GUMI Sweet

GUMI Whisper

MMD Models:

Source: Vocaloid Wiki, Vocaloidism, vocaloid.blog120.fc2.com

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