27 February 2012

IA Vocaloid 3 Cosplay Photo

This image belongs to hydeaoi

Thank you for someone (Anonymous) who told me about this photo's link.Finally I could fulfill the keywords that I found on my blog's traffic. c:

More about IA: IA's Characters Profile.

And more image here.


Vocaloid 3 Cosplay IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES Costume
$95.00 available at hellocosplay.com
Including:Top + Shirt + Skirt + Socks + Belts
Material :Uniform Cloth + Cotton


PuppyLove78 said...

cool I love your blog come check out my blog
Vocaloid Lover's blog I think that is my only blog that has the most posts

IaVocaloidFan13 said...

The costume in the pic is that the one for sale or did you just find the link for an outift on the internet?

Nada said...

I just found the link. But tellin' you, the pic's link and the costume's link are from diffrent site.

Braiy said...

Wonder where she got her wig. D: