17 July 2011

Hatsune Miku U.S Version - New Character Designs

'Revamp Hatsune Miku for her American release! Change anything, from her hair to clothes, but please note that design ideas may be changed if you win. Good luck!' (c)Vocaloid Fanclub

See all of the Current Submission: Collaboration A | Colaboration B


PIAPRO x SF Japantown Collaboration Projects

A Message from Piapro
In conjunction with the 3rd annual J-POP SUMMIT Festival, Piapro.jp is collaborating with Japantown of San Francisco. With this spring’s earthquake tragedy still fresh in our minds, the J-POP SUMMIT Festival will incorporate multiple benefit events into the programming. Hatsune Miku has decided to join the festival this year to support this effort! In this event, we will be taking submissions of Japantown’s street-banner design in the theme of “Hope for Japan’s Recovery.” At the J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2011, we will sell goods with the chosen design to benefit Japan’s relief efforts. Also, we will be taking submissions for the new character design of “Hatsune Miku U.S. Version.” Please read the specifications carefully, then use your imagination to come up with the new Miku image!

This contest is hosted by: Crypton Future Media, Inc.

(c) NEW PEOPLE, Inc.


"For you who're an artists you can come joining. Learn about 'How to Enter the Contest' and read the 'Collaboration Projects DetailsHERE."

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