22 July 2011

Vocaloid Games

Hector Miku game program [Ver1.00]
(2008/08/01, 14.1Mb, MD5: 57D67906917897E2663Ed53B8Ac4B6C4)

Official Web

CD-ROM version Heutamiku

Miku chan X

Vocaloid Chibi Maker
Make your own chibi that can sing. Play it at Deviantart!

Songs available in Hatsune Miku's voice:
Cantarella カンタレラ,
★Twinkle Twinkle Little Star★
Levan Polkka
servant of evil 悪ノ召使

Miku Piano
Click for flash! Make Miku sing in 'ra' mode, 'aa' mode, and doremi mode. Play it at Deviantart!

Miku Piano doremi mode

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