02 January 2012

CLARA - Vocaloid 3 Character

Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Release: December 24, 2011
Illustrator: Raimon Benach
Origin: Spain


Clara and Bruno are aimed at Spanish music professionals and the first Vocaloids aimed at the Spanish culture. They do not incorporate the moe-esque style of the Japanese Vocaloids and their designs are more aimed towards a retrospective European art style.

Clara is a mature female vocal type and the female counterpart to Bruno. As the first Vocaloids capable of Spanish, they have been reported to be overall quite understandable by Spanish fans.

Clara has had a backlash based on her illustration, mainly for lacking an anime-like design or referred to as not having the appearance of a Vocaloid, with some going so far as to label her and Bruno as "ugly"; however, within the Spanish fandom there have been reports of strong defense from fans of the pair and Vocaloid, who have noted just as Japanese Vocaloids represent their culture and English Vocaloids the English culture, likewise Bruno and Clara represent the Spanish culture.

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Courtesy: Vocaloid Wiki

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Anonymous said...

Honestly...I'm somewhat disappointed. I'm of a Spanish culture and I had very high hopes for this particular vocaloid. However his (their) design is too...plain. Their appearance doesn't pack that extra punch that I was maybe hoping for, and it can be said that it's a type of cliche in some retrospect. I'm not bashing on them either, I mean the fans are really the ones who make the characters come alive and give them breath (per-se). Within due time they might grow on me and on other fans. Spanish or otherwise. Who knows?